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How double ink pens help baccarat table top games?

Double ink pens can be useful for baccarat table top games in several ways:

  1. Speed of play: In baccarat, the dealer needs to draw cards for both the player and banker hands. With a double ink pen, the dealer can mark both hands simultaneously, which can speed up the game and reduce waiting time for players.

  2. Accuracy: Double ink pens can be useful for ensuring accurate marking of cards. With two different colors, the dealer can clearly distinguish between the player and banker hands, which can help to prevent mistakes and confusion.

  3. Security: Baccarat is a high-stakes game, and any mistakes or errors can be costly. Using a double ink pen can help to ensure that the game is played fairly and accurately, which can increase player confidence and trust in the casino.

  4. Convenience: Using a double ink pen means that the dealer only needs to carry one pen instead of two, which can be more convenient and efficient.

Overall, double ink pens can be a useful tool for baccarat dealers, as they can help to speed up the game, ensure accuracy and security, and provide convenience.


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