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Eco rPET Lanyard: 


To support ‘zero waste’, we offer environmentally friendly products. One of them is the lanyard made of rPET, which comes from recycled plastic bottles. Deciding to rPET, we give plastic the second life and thereby reduce the amount of waste.

We can print any logo, graphic or writing with the use of sublimation method on request. The rPET lanyard has an eye-catching shine, thanks to which, together with a printed logo, it is a very attractive advertising gadget.

We can also make lanyards of other eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, corn or paper.

rPET lanyard is available in different variants:

•rPET lanyard with snap hook,

•rPET lanyard with GSM hook,

•rPET lanyard with two snap hooks,

•rPET lanyard with buckle and snap hook,

•rPET lanyard with safety buckle,

•rPET lanyard with buckle and safety buckle.

Standard band widths: 0.4″, 0.6″, 0.8″, 1″.

Hook Types: Fish, Dog, Crocodile


Price is is based on 0.40” wide lanyard. Please check other widths. Sublimation included

Please check different types and different hooks. 

RPet Lanyards

  • QTY 250 500 1000 2500
    One sided with Hook(C) $2.99 $2.59 $2.19 $1.99


    Setup: $55.00g


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