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Great For Pet Shops and Vets.

DOG WASTE BAG: This pouch personalized with the name of your lovely little friend, or any other pattern, can be the perfect gift for your pet. The selected design can be replicated also on such products as leashes, collars, scarves, or harnesses, creating a consistent collection in your pet’s wardrobe.

Product features:

•Any print using the sublimation method,

•Approximate pouch dimensions: 6 x 9.2",

•Width of the tape at the top with metal trigger: 0.8",

•Width of the tape at the bottom: 0.4",

•Ending with a metal trigger, thanks to which it’ll be easy to attach the pouch to a lanyard or belt loops in trousers,

•Convenient opening for inserting and removing disposable bags,

•Material: polyester,


Dog Waste Bag-MOQ 100 pcs

  • MOQ 100 pcs please request quote or check SAGE

    Setup: $55.00g


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