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Great for Pet Shops and Vets. DOG COLLAR: This collar personalized with the name of your lovely little friend, or any other pattern, can be the perfect gift for your pet. The selected design can be replicated also on such products as: leashes, scarves or harnesses, creating a consistent collection in your pet’s wardrobe.

There are 2 models of the collar:

1. Snap collar

Classically fastened with a metal clasp. Easy to put on and remove. Ideally complemented with a decorative bandana. It is equipped with a length adjuster to regulate the length of the collar.

2. Half-clamp collar

It is mainly used for dogs that easily take off classic collars over their heads. The adjustment makes it possible to set the clamp so that it prevents the collar from being pulled off, but also protects the dog from suffocation.

Product’s features:

•Any print using the sublimation method,

•Collar dimensions: 0.78” -1” (Width) x 11"(other dimensions can be ordered on request),

•Durable material,

•Metal / heavy duty accessories, Material: polyester,

Dog Collars-100 pcs minimum

  • MOQ 100 pcs please request quote or check SAGE

    Setup: $55.00g


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